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An explanation of how polygamy may affect eligibility for an immigration visa

Under the current law (Section 212 (a)(10)(10) of the Immigration and Nationality Act) a foreign national must actually intend to practice polygamy in the United States to be ineligible for an immigrant visa. The current law does not prevent a polygamist or someone who practiced polygamy in the past or expresses a belief in polygamy from being eligible for an immigrant visa. But aliens coming to the United States to practice polygamy are barred.

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Special Registration Program (NSEERS) Ends Effective Today, April 28, 2011

Nationals of certain designated countries were subject to special entry –exit registration rules and monitoring on the grounds of national security. These procedures include a need that these non-immigrant aliens appear in person upon request at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office to verify information by providing more information or documentation confirming compliance with the conditions of their visa status and admission. Continue reading

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