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Criminal background checks for immigration

Whether you are a U.S. citizen filing a petition for your fiancé, spouse or child, an alien applying for a green card by adjustment of status (I-485) or U.S. citizenship (N-400), it is very important to reply accurately to questions about criminal history. If you have a criminal history (e.g. DUI arrests), the best way to do this is to first get and review official criminal background reports about you.

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K1 Visa Petition and supporting documents

The petition is the first step in the k1 visa process before the foreign fiancé applies for a k1 visa at a United States consulate. A U.S. citizen petitioner must first file a K1 visa petition for her foreign fiancé, the beneficiary. The petitioner will complete and sign form I-129F providing USCIS information about her including her criminal history, if any. She will also provide information about her foreign fiancé and child (ren), if any. The petitioner must send I-129F petition and supporting documents to USCIS. If the petitioner has not yet met her foreign fiancé she should plan her trip or their meeting with the supporting evidence in mind and gather the proper evidence of the relationship.

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