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Renouncing U.S. citizenship to avoid paying taxes

With concern over higher tax rates in the United States relative to some low tax destinations such as Singapore and Belarus, and the rise of economic citizenship in many emerging countries around the world a record number of United States citizens have sought to renounce citizenship to avoid taxation. Many have even inquired about “relinquishment” without full “renunciation” to avoid paying U.S. taxes while still preserving U.S. citizenship and its benefits. Continue reading

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US Citizenship for a child with a green card

For a permanent resident child to acquire automatic US Citizenship the law requires that:

1. at least one parent must be a US citizen;

2. the child must be under 18 years old; and

3. the child must reside in the US in the legal and physical custody of a US Citizen Parent (the child must be still living with a US Citizen Parent).

All three citizenship requirements must be met at the same time.

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