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Renouncing U.S. citizenship to avoid paying taxes

With concern over higher tax rates in the United States relative to some low tax destinations such as Singapore and Belarus, and the rise of economic citizenship in many emerging countries around the world a record number of United States citizens have sought to renounce citizenship to avoid taxation. Many have even inquired about “relinquishment” without full “renunciation” to avoid paying U.S. taxes while still preserving U.S. citizenship and its benefits. Continue reading

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Immigration fraud by changed activities on a B-2 visa – the 30/60-day rule

When the stated purpose for which a person applies for a non-immigrant US visa or seeks admission at a port of entry is different from his activities within a given time an immigration officer may infer that the person committed fraud or misrepresentation at the time of the visa application or upon seeking entry. Continue reading

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Can you afford not to hire an immigration attorney for your case?

Some persons dealing with an immigration matter such as applying for a spouse to come to the United States, may ask, ‘Do I really need a lawyer?’, or ‘Can’t I just handle the paperwork myself?’ Unfortunately, the denial rate for applications or petitions filed without an attorney is higher than many realize. The cost in time and money to fix immigration problems that could be avoided is astronomical. Continue reading

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The unlawful presence bar to re-admission into the US

Unlawful presence is often a problem for certain persons (e.g. those who entered without inspection or entered on a C1, C1/D or D visa) who are prevented by law from adjusting or changing status in the US but who the law requires to leave the US to apply for a visa at a US consulate.

Unlawful presence is a bar to re-admission after the person leaves the United States and seeks a visa or permission to renter the United States. It is especially a problem to the immediate relatives of US citizens who cannot adjust status but must leave the United States and seek an unlawful presence waiver abroad before they can be issued an immigrant visa. The wait times to get an unlawful presence waiver approved can take many months or more than 1 year during which time the foreign nationals must stay outside the United States and be separated from their immediate US family. Unlawful presence is not a problem for a B visa holder who marries a US citizen, does not leave the United States and seeks adjustment. Continue reading

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The big mistake of lying to immigration to get a visa or green card

A finding of either fraud or misrepresentation makes an alien inadmissible under INA 212 (a)(6)(C) (i). Most cases involving inadmissibility under this ground involve misrepresentation and not fraud because fraud is often more difficult to prove. The penalty for fraud or material misrepresentation is lifetime ban from the United States unless the foreign national can get a hardship waiver. Additionally a foreign national who makes fraudulent statements or use fraudulent documents (e.g. using a passport and visa issued to a family member) to get admission into the United States may be subject to criminal prosecution and imprisonment. The foreign national may also be subject to a civil document fraud order by an administrative law judge for making or using false documents, or using documents issued to other persons. Continue reading

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