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The big mistake of lying to immigration to get a visa or green card

A finding of either fraud or misrepresentation makes an alien inadmissible under INA 212 (a)(6)(C) (i). Most cases involving inadmissibility under this ground involve misrepresentation and not fraud because fraud is often more difficult to prove. The penalty for fraud or material misrepresentation is lifetime ban from the United States unless the foreign national can get a hardship waiver. Additionally a foreign national who makes fraudulent statements or use fraudulent documents (e.g. using a passport and visa issued to a family member) to get admission into the United States may be subject to criminal prosecution and imprisonment. The foreign national may also be subject to a civil document fraud order by an administrative law judge for making or using false documents, or using documents issued to other persons. Continue reading

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K1 Visa Process – For K1 Visa Applicants

Once the USCIS approves the k1 visa petition it will then send it to the National Visa Center for forwarding to the proper consular post. Once the consulate receives the petition it will issue a letter to you stating that the consulate is ready to begin processing your k 1 visa application.

The Consulate will send you a set of document often called Packet 3 in order it to process your case. Sometimes the Consulate will not include the above forms. Rather it will send a letter with the applicant’s case number and a visa sheet with step by step instructions on how to go ahead. If this is the case the applicant can download the forms from the consulate website and return them to the Consulate.
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Worried about E-Verify mismatches that could prevent you getting hired?

The new E-Verify Self Check service launched by the Department of Homeland Security and USCIS gives workers and job-seekers access to their US employment eligibility status and guidance as to how to make corrections to their DHS or SSA records.
The new service is designed to empower job seekers and US workers by creating a service through which they can check their US employment eligibility status for themselves rather than depend on the E-Verify check done by an employer.

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US deportation rate skyrockets; Information-sharing boosts US deportation levels

Some criminal illegal immigrants in the custody of local law enforcement face quicker identification and immigration deportation under a growing biometric-information sharing program between local law enforcement and ICE, the agency of the Department of Homeland Security charged with the enforcement of immigration and deportation laws, and the investigation and prosecution of immigration violations.

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